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Shopify Masters Podcast – A Must Listen for any Ecommerce Business

Shopify Masters Podcast – If you’re an Ecommerce business…MUST Listen!

I discovered Shopify Masters Podcast almost 3 years ago and have been hooked. I’ve probably spent 400 hours of listening time. 

There is so much valuable insight into starting, running, growing an Ecommerce shop. 

By now if you are just jumping in I’d recommend searching this podcast for where you’d like to learn more or are struggling in your own business. Search for that and have a listen. I hope you find this as valuable as I have.

There absolute gold in there if you’re paying attention. “Gold Jerry, GOLD!” – Kenny Bania

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Shopify Masters Podcast

Click above to get to the Podcast. If you are in Product Marketing or Ecommerce and you have not found this podcast yet…well first SHAME! Secondly, you’re welcome

Click Below for my video about the Shopify Masters Podcast and what to expect.


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