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WordPress.COM vs. Squarespace – Which to use for your new Website?

I made a 3-minute video!

Let’s get one thing clear before I have developers causing a ruckus. This is a comparison between WordPress.”COM” vs. Squarespace.

NOT WordPress.”ORG” which is a platform that is more customized and you must hire a designer and developer to build…or hire a good marketing team (eh hem eh hem, sorry I had something in my throat).

If you are a small business owner or startup you have options to bootstrap and build your website yourself. I would also put the company “Wix.com” on the same level as Squarespace. For the most part, they operate and function similarly and go after the same market segment.

Quick Story

I made a freakin 20-minute video 2 days ago and thought I’ll just edit it down. Edited the hell out of it and was left with 9 minutes. If I cut that down it would be too choppy and not make sense. So I spared you and just made a voiceover with a script to keep it tight. Hence the beginning and end of my video in front of the whiteboard. Well, that was frustrating, had to vent…thanks for allowing me to do that.

Anyway, we have a short and sweet video here where the point gets across in less than 3 minutes. Of which I am proud. I’ll continue to do me, but with a strong consideration of what you nice, smart, good-looking people want to see. If you have further questions contact me, this is the business in which I live and help people every day.

WP vs. SS

Watch the video. But if you can’t the short version is this.

Both are large companies for a reason. They fill a need in the marketplace. Both are easy to get setup and running, cost-effective (get the business plan $25/month), and both a have great designs to choose from.

WordPress then pulls away by having more features in the form of thousands of free plugins to customize your site from the jump or as you grow. They are far superior in eCommerce because of “WooCommerce” a free plugin. The biggest kicker in my mind is SEO capabilities. Google loves WordPress sites and they rank highly if you do it right. Use “Yoast” plugin for free or upgrade to premium.

WordPress is your choice 99% of the time. That’s just my opinion.

Thanks! – Jesse Maher


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