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Processes and Automation. Also, I LANDED MY FIRST CLIENT! That story within video.

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Digital Avengeeeeeerrrrrs…UNITE!

Ok, I’ll never do that again, I got a little excited. And sorry for yelling in the title and just now again.imagine yourself successful

This is how I feel, but only for a moment because it’s time to do the work and close other deals and keep producing content and build the business from scratch.

This vlog tells the story of how I butchered the sales process by not having a process

With some hand-holding from the client on how best to work together and come to an agreement I came to a “Stark” 😉 (see that?) realization I need to tighten up my process, offerings, and pitch. I need this so the customer knows what they hell they are buying and not just random knowledge when needed. So thank you for that lesson!

Working on a process to have a process. To ultimately create an offer people can buy

Therefore, I’ve moved forward with a 9-week coaching session with my guy Matthew Pollard whom I spoke on the phone with earlier this week. I’m an introvert as a default setting. It makes sense to me in a lot of ways now more recently with the life changes that I’ve made in the last year. I’ve been in sales for 13 years and always burnt out, felt lost, blamed others for downfalls, questioned everything and came to the determination it’s all bullshit, but still went out there to try to pay my bills.

Well, now it’s abundantly clear when I discovered Matthew’s book and podcast. Sales methodologies, practices, mantras, trainings, etc are all made for EXTROVERTS, gasp! This is not an excuse by any means, an eye opener really. Now there are methods for introverts to sell and quite honestly we are better at it if we are in the right setting. Remember how I mentioned Jerry McGuire’s memo “spend more time with fewer clients, care more” that’s how we sell and those are how we try to approach selling…our next lifelong partner…not our next kill.

Processes and automation

There’s no new discovery here when I say there are tools to make you more efficient and you should use them. I just feel there’s a huge opportunity since we live in a new era where literally one person can run a multimillion dollar per year business with the right processes and automation in the right places. It’s amazing and I’m exploring all my options to find the right vendors, software, partners to fit my unique personal style as well as business. This may take years, so it’s a bit overwhelming because I want it in place now! Although I realize it’s just something I have to do my best now and to go through these trials. I’m doing just that, so I’ll keep you updated on inevitable bruises as well as wins.

Final Thought: Good Humans + Good automation/processes = Good Business

Seems like that should be accurate logically. Don’t get me wrong I want to work with a team because I still believe a lot of what’s good can only come from a creative human being and not just a predictive machine. Also, the collective mind is much more powerful. I’m going to explore both and have them hopefully work in harmony at Digital Avengers.

Thanks! – Jesse Maher

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