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Instagram: 5 Tips! Create Great Content for your Small Business Page

Hey DA crew –

Before you get started on the video below I want to make clear there are 5 tips in here and the 4th tip has 5 examples of “my rotation of posting categories.”

So it looks like this:

5 Tips for small businesses new to Instagram:

  1. “Let People In” – Show them what you are about, where your brand’s core values come from, etc.
  2. “Instagram Stories” use them! A step further into letting people in and you get to the top of their feed and stay relevant/ top of mind with quick digestible content.
  3. “Be Consistent” aka actually post on a regular basis even if it’s once a week. If it’s a chore get someone to do it for you. The gram is a prime example of you get out what you put in. Once you start to connect with your audience it can be a game changer in your business.
  4. “Content Strategy: Rotate Themes” – Pick 3-5 core themes and rotate through them. Very simple, but the main point is to avoid monotony here and keep it fresh. **For example 5 of mine are 1) Behind the scenes, 2) Credibility, 3) Giving Valuable Tips, 4) Cool Digital “Stuff”, and 5)My dog Stitch.**  From there I can post randomly in stories and have a mixed in “ask” any followers for what would be helpful for me if they gave back.
  5. “Aesthetics of Entire Page” – Make sure your overall page looks inviting in one way or another when someone is making a decision in 1 or 2 seconds to follow you. Thumbnails of the same thing over and over or low picture quality are easily avoidable.

Ok back into the blog…

You: “Jesse Instagram is not going to work for my business.”

Me: “No, will someone make a 5 figure purchase from a link on your Instagram page?  Absolutely not”

You: “You said it yourself. Therefore, a waste of my time and effort.”

Me: “Are your clients on Instagram? Are your clients’ businesses on Instagram? On another note, aren’t you constantly looking for top talent? Do you think they might be on Instagram?”

Ok, let me just run with this concocted but common generic interaction here. You know where this is going. I’m getting a “lay down the law” type mood these days because these are fundamentals so many small businesses get wrong by simply making an uninformed decision not to try. Or talk themselves out of being an exceptional brand due to stereotypes they hear from their 14-year-old or archaic social media distortions (and in this world archaic might mean 5 years ago).

Instagram. Get in there. Don’t tell me Instagram doesn’t work for my business. You just haven’t figured out how to navigate the Instagram platform correctly to find your groove. Instagram is just a platform where your people spend time. I’m not pointing fingers because I just started my own “Insta” business page, but I’ve been growing pages for a few clients for a couple years now.

I started my page less than 3 weeks ago and have almost 1,000 followers. It’s just engaging people and posting with thought and quality. Which is also easy if you are genuine to who you are and what you do as a business and as people behind the brand.

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