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Social Media Strategy – One Size Fits All


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Hi DA peoples –

Check out this quick and simple social media strategy that can and should be used as a baseline for any size business’ game plan.

It’s the “Give, give, give (5-15 times)…Ask” outline when setting up your social media strategy, outline, or calendar.

The actual “giving” will be creating valuable content, which is easier said than done…but implement this as a rough mapped outline and let me know how it goes. Just more proof I’m all about giving it away and the people will come.

The right hook “ask” is not a product push because then it’s coming off as transactional. The ask may be to buy your product but formulate the ask in a way that you are asking a favor or a question. People want to give back. Ask them to do you a solid back if they so choose and show them how specifically they can help you at that time that you’d like them to give.

Thanks for watching! – Jesse Maher

Ps – This is a disclaimer I am not condoning or advising you to actually right hook your clients at any time.

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