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New Era of Selling – Give as much as I can away for free

Hey there folks –
I suck at selling.  Let me rephrase I suck at the old school method of selling. It’s just constant pandering and not challenging the other person.

I want to talk to everyone as my friend. Give them as much information that I think they don’t already know as quickly as possible and push them to implement it and see the results.

Tell them how to do shit on a real level. Respect their business and knowledge of their own business. Not trying to tell them everything you know bc you only have 30min

Jerry McGuire is one of the best movies of my generation for salespeople.


Here’s the new era playbook I’m finally able to implement cause I make the rules now. Give away everything for free. I mean my knowledge. It behooves me to put it all out there on this channel, social media, or other mediums. “Know your worth, Jesse, if you’re good at something don’t give it away for free!” Well, that’s bullshit, because I’m not getting paid to have it stored in my head. It brings me joy to add value to peoples lives. I can do that here and guess what, nobody has time to implement everything I can do for them. If you do great, write me a note and say thanks, it’s just as good as a sale when it comes to how we process these things. If not I’ll point you in the right direction to meet your needs, whether it’s through me or otherwise.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! – Jesse Maher

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