JDJ (Jesse's Daily Journal)

Daily Journal – I’m OFFICIALLY a business owner!

Hello –

I’m excited, to say the least. I’ve been here in my head for a while now, but the formality of it makes it real.

Something about it is almost calming. I am able to get back to being myself and doing things my way which I believe to be a good way. There are a lot of different “right” ways of doing things, but if I can stay true to myself and humble I will win.

I think the American dream is making a comeback and I think it’s because the internet has leveled the playing field. The small business owner can operate on a large scale. It then opens up many more opportunities for vendors needed to serve the small business or solopreneur. A nation of small businesses is a cool idea.

I only hope I can serve you well…audience, clients, and more importantly the world as long as I am on it.

Thanks for listening! – Jesse Maher


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