DCB (Digital Content Bomb), TM (Tactical Moves)

YouTube – You’ve won my free business, congrats!

Ok, let’s be honest my videos are low budget and don’t really serve a specific niche or purpose. In that it’s not really a “how to” or a “step by step” instructional place, nor do I want it to be just yet or maybe ever. Again, I’m almost speaking to myself, so if someone is in my shoes they can see where I’ve already vetted options, made mistakes or seen success, and can build off of that.

As you can see I switched to Youtube to host my videos for these reasons:

  • video speed is instantly fast loading
  • unlimited server space
  • SEO is attached automatically through transcription an Closed Captions are offered to watch on mute
  • editing tools are free, easy, and abundant
  • videos and content are searchable
  • monetization is easy

WordPress was fine, but YouTube has so much more. Also, I’ve read once you start getting traffic load speed becomes an issue on WP.

It’s actually funny to step back and label myself a “YouTuber” or vlogger. Didn’t seem like my style. I tended to think it was for narcissists, teens/kids, and tutorials. I should not have been so close-minded.

Really it’s a platform for whatever I make of it. I feel like I can have my own little corner of YouTube, do my thing and be just fine. Of all the different ways to start a business, it checks a ton of boxes to easily get across a message and start building a personal brand. I don’t have to be a certain thing because I’m not going for viral posts or clickbait. I want it to be a place to add valuable insight, grow my business, speak to many at once on their own time, learn and try new things, and connect with like-minded individuals.

That said I hope to laugh at these a year from now. I will sharpen my game daily and have fun with it.

Hope you guys follow along and subscribe to be a part of this journey.

Thanks! – Jesse Maher

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