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Misc Thought Dump

Quick Friday Update – I need to get back out from behind the computer.

Hello DA fans –

Are you fans yet? Can I call you that? Too soon? Ok too soon.

Anyway, I need to get back into the swing of things and start setting meetings. My default mode is to go to networking groups. There are events every day in Chicago. From there, I will say to someone in person “hey let’s grab a coffee and talk further.” It plants the seed that you will be following up with them and show genuine interest in their business. It’s the best way to set multiple meetings in an hour or two.

I am learning a crazy amount about the back end of WordPress which is fun because it’s mine and I will eventually benefit from it in the long term. This is a reminder to work hard on your SEO especially in the beginning and then set good tagging, description, linking habits that become second nature. They will help you down the road.

Happy Friday people!

Thanks! – Jesse Maher

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