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Marketing Agencies in 2018 – How they work…(the good one’s).

Hi there –

A small marketing agency in 2018 allows you to only spend money where needed. I, for example, have almost 0 overhead. Right now I have multiple bad ass website builders in my back pocket that I only have to pay by project. Everybody wins!

Big agencies won’t talk to you without an initial $25k budget. Small agencies can stay nimble and use the clients money where and when needed strategically. Premium talent actually works for themselves or freelance a lot of the time now. They have their own running clients and people like me giving them more work. They can work on their own schedules and be their own boss, which surprise surprise what a lot of creatives prefer to do.

The pieces of the puzzle you need to put together are these:

Brand Storyteller

Graphic Designer – Logo

Website Designer

Website Developer



PR Person or team

Social Media Person

Content Writer/ Blogger / Vlogger

With all these moving parts and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, many marketers stay competitive by working for themselves on a project basis. I’ve built relationships with all the freelancers in every marketing silo to tap them when needed.

Whitelabeling under one another to get a project done is now the norm.

Thanks! – Jesse Maher

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