TM (Tactical Moves)

Google Analytics & MailChimp

In this video, I speak about the importance of setting up Google Analytics, but more importantly, you should MASTER IT. There is a story being told by your audience’s actions and you have to learn how to read the data to interpret that story and pivot where needed. This can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Clicks don’t lie, people do, ha!

See where they are going, where they came from to find your site, who they are (demographics), what blogs are working best, what links are being clicked on, time spent on pages, what times are best to post? etc.

MailChimp, ugh I know…email blasts? Seriously? Yeah, seriously.

Email works but do it right by only adding people who you think would gain value from it on the front end. ie People in your network. 

You know what scratch that. I’m not adding a single name to my list. You must actively opt into my email list. I don’t want people that don’t want it as well.

I am going to do a pop-up email capture but very minimally. So sign up please if you want to keep in touch with me and Digital Avenger’s growth.

Thanks! – Jesse Maher

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