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An iDea & an iPhone

Hello –

I may have given you an idea of where the Digital Avengers name originated from in this video. In that, there is a lot more behind it, but it will be revealed in pieces over time.

It’s an amazing time to be able to start a business essentially with an iPhone. Yes, anybody can start a business. The trick is to make it into something profitable.

I also want to set the record straight that I am absolutely doing everything from the ground up right now and love the grunt work. You know why?.. because I’m learning by being hands on. It’s what I do now that will separate me from just a guy with an idea to a leader with a viable product/business.

Once I learn how to do something and it’s very repeatable, it becomes a perfect task for my VA so I can move on to the next building block.

Lastly, hit me up if you want to talk about being a vendor, freelancer, partner, guest on the vlog, etc. I’ve got nothing but time right now and I want to talk to people that know their stuff or want to work for me and learn some stuff.

Thanks! – Jesse Maher


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