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Life Comes at you fast (stay healthy) – Also my Instagram and Facebook strategy



Hello DA crew –

I am recovering a bit here but surgery went well and I am all healthy. I’m doing a bunch of behind the scenes set up work right now and will be back tomorrow.

A couple nuggets of my Social Media strategy and tactics below:

I’m currently going down in an Instagram and Facebook rabbit hole. It’s crazy when I do this because you look up and have to take a second to get your mind back in the real world. Social should be in small doses, but when starting it up it’s in large chunks which is almost unhealthy. This is why you need a solid strategy and then the tactical side with a social calendar to execute on. Then you can set up posts to publish in the future and spend a few minutes per day interacting with clients in the comments and whatnot having a clear head and not all over the place.

Instagram is the tried and true “follow everyone you know method” to try to get some follow backs. I’m following pages of potential strategic partners I’d like to work with and those who could potentially use my services.

Right now it feels like a very transactional method which is normal. Follow for follow and likes for likes etc. But once I settle in and can digest my feed I can really start to see who I’m interested in and engage with them wholeheartedly.

Facebook for me right now is building ads and segmenting the audience by location and demographics. This is much more granular in the number of audiences I can create. I started with a pretty basic ad and a wide range audience with my first ad. The results should give me some insight. I would always recommend casting a wide net first to let the results show you where to start hunting with spears.

Then it’s creating a few different ads and audiences and mix and matching them to see what works. As Gary V says Facebook is WAY underpriced right now and we will be paying 10x the amount to get the same results in 2-3 years. It’s a great value for the spend when trying to build an audience.

My goal is to drive people to my pages and eventually my website. From there if I am bringing value, engaging, and real,  people will input their email with glee… which is the holy grail of owned traffic (in my specific case and with most B2B companies).

I will get into “owned traffic” another time because that can be a whole site in itself, but the best form of owned traffic is an email. It allows you to be your own publisher and in complete control of what you’re putting out there (ie. this blog going to your email). Social platforms are kind of borrowed traffic because even though you are friends or follow someone it is at the discretion of the platform to push it out. Ok, we’ll get into that later as well.

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– Jesse Maher

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