JDJ (Jesse's Daily Journal)

JDJ (Jesse’s Daily Journal) – Creating a Brand helped me take the leap into this “Youpreneur” endeaver.

BAE is now Becoming an Entrepreneur in my world.

Hi there –

This vlog will set the stage as the first of the “journey” side of things. I’ll update the website to section these two parts out more clearly in the near future, but for now, I am just posting in the blog feed section and moving on to other tasks.

Even in this section, there will be two parts:

  1. My feelings
  2. Tactical moves I’m making along the way

I want to shout out Chris Ducker. I found him while researching VA’s (Virtual Assistants) and read his book Virtual Freedom. 

Now I listen to his podcast Youpreneur FMThis isn’t an affiliate play for Chris, he just puts out great stuff I appreciate and he has helped me tremendously make this move and he doesn’t know I exist. Which is kinda cool.

Thanks, and please follow along if you’d like! – Jesse Maher

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