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Pilot Vlog – Why am I here?

Welcome! I look forward to helping others by documenting my journey of starting a business.

Hello – Well this is as raw as it gets. I will bring it every day to try to put out valuable content.

“Started from the middle class now we still in the middle class, but broke and in debt.” – Me to Drake’s Started From the Bottom beat.

Ok thanks for visiting my site! I will try to keep it real here and keep it fun. I won’t say keep it light because if you are paying attention there will be some moments of serious value.

I’m not going to build a typical business. I have a few visions that could go in many directions. I am going to work hard an document it here.

Legend/Major Key:

DCB = Digital Content Bombs: A subject of the day where I can add value.

TM = Tactical Moves: I’m making to build a business from my head to actualization.

JDJ = Jesse’s Daily Journal: What I’m thinking about, how I’m strategizing, and my overall feelings.

Please email me to get in touch. I want to talk with all of you about your experiences, passions, dreams, etc. Either on or off camera. You (those who follow) are going to become the heroes of this story.

Jesse@digavengers.com or text me (847) 867-5827

I look forward to connecting!

Thanks for stopping by! – Jesse Maher

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